Military Laptop From TerraLogic: Toughnote D-13 and Toughnote D-15 for Military Laptop

TerraLogic have providing UK based reviewing and observing applications before moved to providing military processing hardware beginning around 2000. They provided tough necessity of the military, help organizations, utilities, crisis administrations and the safeguard, modern and marine applications and furthermore development modern around the world.

In past post, I as of now audit Toughnote D-13 series which is having 13.1-inch LCD screen show. For the Toughnote D-15, all spec offers to military cable assemblies    is practically same besides in specific redesign parts.

Toughnote D-15 completely military PC accessible with green military tones highlighting Intel Team Center processor innovation. The 15-inch sunshine lucid TFT have choice to whether to pick Standard DVI connector use with any maker’s DVI screens or Exclusive DVI connectors extraordinary for Terralogic DVI screen as it were. Standard resistive touch-screen permit client work with finger, gloved or pointer.

Terralogic adjusted D-15 network contrast and D-13 by adding additional one FireWire yet they just places two USB ports. Any remaining ports as yet unchanged as its ancestor except if they add new choice to adaptable waterproof, super-rough military grade I/O association. So presently, Toughnote Series D-15 more adaptable.

For your data, D-15 likewise includes a subsequent drive narrows for additional extension and customization prospects. Terralogic care with consumer loyalty and they give greater adaptability to pick the detail concurring working circumstances without compromise roughness and vigor and appropriate for military PC purposes.

Terralogic has revealed their most recent military PC in 13-inch LCD grade series. Toughnote Series D-13 were designed to act in the most limit of ecological circumstances as a general rule. Swappable batteries empower stirring activity as long as 8 hours constantly.

Body skeleton produced using magnesium compound AZ91D will generally two or three pounds heavier than typical PCs with weight up to 9.5 lb (counting DVD-ROM drive and essential battery). Obviously you will get better assurance with additional weight.


Toughnote D-13 elements new Intel Center 2 Team 1.66 GHz processor upholds by up to 4 GB DDR-II Smash guarantee superior execution level in the rough registering field. The 320 GB shock mounted, waterproof 2.5″ hard drive which is removable make it simple to trading information or moving up to a higher limit hard drive.

Terralogic offer PC purchaser choices to pick very rough strong state drive to expand security of put away significant information. The fixed Flexi-sound which can hold either an optional battery, DVD-RM drive or floppy plate drive keep from water or residue entrance into the machine center keeping up with the motherboard honesty.

13.3-inch sunlight decipherable TFT with goal up to 1024 X 768 pixels discretionary resistive touchscreen empower client control work area utilizing finger, gloved or even pointer.

89 key Windows waterproof console guarantee no impediment in each work space. D-13 additionally have highlights a discretionary enemy of residue film and illuminated console. Vital waterproof resistive touchpad mouse add more roughness for this PC.

Working framework introduced Windows XP Expert and PC purchasers can whether to pick Windows 2000 Genius, Windows 7 Star or Linux rely upon required applications.


Fulfill military guideline to endure vibration shock, residue and downpour or water yet at the same time need give proper security while working in cruel climate. MIL-sexually transmitted disease 810F for general military standard PC have and IP54 for shield interior framework from water interruption. Add-on, Terralogic offered redesign for military and EMI touchy applications with MIL-sexually transmitted disease 461E.

The console planned just can take precipitation from top with gentle breeze blowing to keep up with water safe. Clients are exhort not to drench or splash water topsy turvy framework cause might cause super durable harm to electronic circuit.

There are not many connectors, for example, D-sub connector covers are fixed inside to shield from residue and shock vibration. Others I/O ports and gadget on right or left should keep firmly shut or link channels fixed while presented to water or residue.

Terralogic offered discretionary gaskets for DB-9 and DB-25 connectors to further develop downpour, residue, and dampness obstruction on normal kind link. The DC jack and links are fixed and capable work with water sprinkling on.

Warmer for hard drive empower this tactical PC works in environment temperature. Working temperature range – 20 to 50 degree Celsius (32 – 1220F) and capacity temperature range – 40 to 70 degree Celsius (- 40 – 1580F). D-13 likewise can stirring in moistness up to 95%. Terralogic likewise designed this PC to work for various height up to 4572 meters (15 000 feet).


Terralogic Toughnote D-13 offered more significant level of market driving execution in the rough registering field. Elements to satisfy military PC guideline make this D-13 series PC stand in their own benchmark.

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