“From A to Z: A Comprehensive List of Raffle Ideas for Any Occasion”

If you want to attract big spenders to your charity raffle, then extravagant, luxury prizes could do the trick. Just remember to ensure you can deliver these fancy gifts when the time comes. You will likely need a fundraising event budget with money to purchase these high-dollar prizes.

A New House

A new house is an incredible raffle prize. Imagine saying goodbye to your mortgage! This raffle is not an easy task to pull off, but it can be a huge success. Keep in mind that house raffles have extensive rules and regulations and often are not successful in reaching their minimum ticket sales. In this case, the raffle ticket price must be refunded to each supporter.

Cars, Boats, and Motorcycles

Due to the regulations and difficulties cool raffle ideas house raffles, car, boat, and motorcycle raffles are much more common. These impressive raffle prizes will surely interest people in cool raffle ideas fundraiser yet have a much lower threshold.

Luxury All-Inclusive Holidays

Who could say no to the chance of winning a luxury holiday to a tropical paradise or a winter wonderland? You can obtain a prize like this under retail value with no risk to purchase with our 

Home and Garden Makeovers

A much sought-after raffle prize is a home makeover. Depending on your budget, you can decide to offer a complete makeover, or something a little more low-key, like a paint job or interior design makeover. A newly landscaped garden could be a grand raffle prize, cool raffle ideas to all those budding green thumbs out there.

Private Club Memberships

Imagine winning a membership to one of the best golf clubs in the country or an exclusive private member’s club in London, where you could mingle with elite business leaders, influences, and innovators. This is a unique charity raffle prize that is sure to draw in the crowds.

Medium Budget Raffle Prizes

Spending a little less on your raffle prizes will allow you to procure a variety of items at a range of budgets and offer something for everyone. As well, looking to your organization’s supporters is a cool raffle ideas way to get raffle prizes at this level.

Weekend Getaways

Who doesn’t enjoy a little R&R, even if it’s just for a night or two? A great raffle prize idea is an all-paid weekend away. City trips or countryside escapes are always a welcome break from the grind. Throw in a spa treatment, a bottle of bubbly or theatre tickets to make it a weekend to remember.

Seasonal Prizes for the Home

Seasonal products as prizes are an exciting way to get people interested in your raffle. Many people would love to win a BBQ or an inflatable pool with summer in sight. At Christmas, maybe a fancy new tree with lights and decorations, or in the Spring, how about garden equipment and plants?

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